Newsroom - Events 2012

PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia won the award in Telkom Supplier Award 2012 for category Kontruksi Infrastruktur Telekomunikasi Inside Plant

Bandung, December 17, 2012

PT. Telkom menyelenggarakan Supplier Awards 2013 yang diperuntukkan bagi para vendor PT. Telkom yang telah bekerjasama di bidang pengadaan di PT Telkom. PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia berhasil meraih penghargaan sebagai TELKOM Supplier Terbaik 3, Kategori Konstruksi Infrastuktur Telekomunikasi Inside Plant yang diterima oleh Bp. Afzal, selaku Account Director PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia. Kegiatan yang berlangsung di gedung RDC, Bandung ini bertujuan untuk membina hubungan baik dengan supplier dan membangun kemitraan yang saling menguntungkan secara sinergi serta sebagai sarana marketing bagi para supplier. Dalam kesempatan tersebut, PT. Telkom menyerahkan penghargaan untuk para supplier terbaik PT. Telkom selama tahun 2013.

PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia masuk dalam kategori terbaik kedua, atas layanan terbaik yang sudah diberikan khususnya untuk beberapa project yang sudah dijalankan sepanjang tahun ini yaitu Project Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) di Jakarta, Project Finance dan Banking serta ekspansi DWDM Kalimantan – Sulawesi.

LT-Indonesia Conducted Breakfasting Event with Customers

Jakarta, August 8, 2012

In this Holy month of Ramadhan, PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia was held Break Fasting Event on 7th August 2012 at Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta. This event was attended by management and employees of PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia and also customers and principals who have many years being our partners.

The theme is Poelang Kampoeng, it defined of togetherness, as we are all in the spirit of relationships with partners as a big family.

Conjunction to this event, PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia aware of the importance of social responsibility, for each years active in performing activities which are privately organized in order to help the fellows. In this Ramadhan, we give 20 bicycles to help grocer or trademan to their mobility. We facilitated them to make their work easier and encourage to work harder.

This event was livened up by Kenny Joe, Indonesia Saxophonist with MC, Mr. Santoso and Ms. Nita Pindy and presented with Tausiyah Ramadan by Adipura.

PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia awarded to "Juniper Networks Asia Pacific Service Partner of The Year Award"

June 12, 2012

Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation, today announced that Indonesian partner PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia has won its 2011 Asia Pacific Operate Specialist of the year award. The award was accepted by Technology Solutions Director, Nathan Johnson at Juniper’s Annual Services Partner Advisory Council event in Hong Kong earlier this month.

This award is the second of its type for PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia. Last year it won the 2010 award for New Operate Specialist of the year. PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia won the award for its commercial performance, its high customer service standards and its adoption of emerging technologies and this award also recognizes the company’s investment in up skilling its staff. 28 engineers of PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia now have 57 Juniper professional certifications between them.

"Quite simply, PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia did an outstanding job in 2011 of meeting and exceeding Juniper’s very high professional, technical and commercial standards for operate specialist partners. We’re thrilled to work with a team that delivers a remarkable customer experience and is such an enthusiastic adopter of innovative networking solutions." Sander Dales, Vice President Customer Service and Support, Asia Pacific, Juniper Networks

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